Johnson & Associates Utility Exploration

Precision underground utility location, exposure, and mapping that delivers survey-grade accuracy.

What we do

Advanced Locating Services for Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Clients

Private Utility Locates

No matter what size property or how complicated the job; we have the tools and the team with the knowledge to deliver accurate results.


Because safety is always our chief concern, we are exhaustive in our site evaluation before any work begins. We pride ourselves on taking great care of any site we inspect.

Slot Trenching

When it’s time to install any type of in-ground utilities and structures, we can prepare the area using non-mechanical, non-destructive methods to ensure the area does not sustain unnecessary damage.

Utility Mapping

Our in-house survey department works in conjunction with our utilities team to provide an unparalleled level of accuracy and detail.

Hydro Excavation

In our commitment to protecting property and minimizing impact while achieving the greatest precision, we utilize hydro excavation procedures.

Our Clients Love Us

“We were very happy with the team from JAUE. We definitely did not have an easy time finding the lines, but they did a fantastic job. They were very knowledgeable and did a great job keeping the impact of the potholing to a minimum. They cleaned up the site and left it as good as it was when they showed up. Thank you again for sending them out. We will be sure to utilize them in the future.”

Nolan Krampe, Project Engineer, Ashton Gray Construction Developers