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A Vision To Put Our Survey Expertise To Work In A New Way

The utility exploration branch of Johnson & Associates (JAUE) was created when we realized that many of the projects in which we were involved had a need for thorough utility location services –and many times the funding and time needed to provide a comprehensive report were simply not budgeted into the job.

To offer clients the level of quality and attention to detail we have always made our standard at Johnson & Associates, we sought to find a way to bring the expertise of our survey department together with a utility exploration service that could take accuracy to a new level. Our team utilizes access to the Oklahoma State Plane Coordinate System paired with the innovative technology to turn the data we gather into clear, usable information with survey-grade precision – saving clients time and money.

What we do

Advanced Locating Services for Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Clients

“Utility exploration plugs directly in with the current workflow of Johnson & Associates – allowing for survey-grade accuracy, both horizontal and vertical, of all types of underground utilities for our engineers and clients. This service makes design and planning more efficient and cost-effective, eliminating the need for redesign due to lack of information on subsurface utilities.”

– Matt Johnson, Director of Surveying, Johnson & Associates

“By taking an engineer’s proposed layout of a structure and slot trenching for unknown utilities, we have been able to provide conflict information while plans are being made. This allows for easy changes to a site instead of forcing a last-minute workaround during construction.”

– Cody Eakle, Utilities Coordinator, Johnson & Associates